Northesk Parish

  • Established 1814.
  • Settled 1785, spreading as far as Tomogonops River in 1819.
  • Probably named for William Carnegie, 7th Earl of Northesk (1758-1831), then prominent in the British Navy, admiral in 1821.

Preston Beach

  • Adjacent to Miramichi Bay at Escuminac.
  • Named for William Preston, settler in 1810 from Scotland, who was ship-wrecked on Fox Island.
  • Also called Guimond Beach.

Sinclair Lake

  • Northeast of Tuadook Lake.
  • Probably named for Edward Sinclair (1842-1901), prominent Miramichi lumberman.

Southesk Parish

  • Southesk Parish: Established 1879.
  • Probably named as a complement to Northesk Parish.


  • 5 miles northeast of Chatham.
  • Post Office Black Brook 1861-1895, Robert Blake postmaster; Post Office Loggieville from 1895, Andrew Loggie, first postmaster.
  • Village incorporated in 1966. Amalgamated in 1995 to form part of City of Miramichi.
  • Robert Logie (later Loggie) was a settler from Scotland circa 1790.

St. Margarets

  • 15 miles southeast of Chatham.
  • Post Office Upper Bay du Vin 1853-1938; Post Office St. Margarets 1938-1969.
  • Named for the church there. Settled 1830.

McBeath Brook

  • Flows west into Black River, southeast of Chatham.
  • Named for John Angus McBean, a lumberman.
  • In Maliseet Neksegwesk.


  • 14 miles south-west of Tracadie on the north shore of Miramichi Bay.
  • Post office from 1931.
  • Named for the river of the same name which runs through the settlement on its way into Miramichi Bay.
  • Among the early settlers (after the Acadians were driven from nearby Burnt Church) were many Highland Scots, including MacKenzies, MacLeods, and MacDonalds.

McDonald Point

  • Extends into Baie Sainte-Anne at Hardwicke.
  • Named for Alexander McDonald, a settler in 1790.

Upper Blackville Bridge

  • 8 miles southwest of Blackville. Post Office 1929-1967.