McKenzie Brook

  • Flows southwest into Southwest Miramichi River, opposite Keenan.
  • John McKenzie was a land grantee there.

McKnights Brook

  • Flows southeast into Miramichi Inner Bay at Neguac.
  • Named for John McKnight, from Scotland, first English-speaking settler there.

McLeods Brook

  • Flows northeast into Tabusintac River.
  • Probably named for Roderick McLeod (circa 1785-1864), settler 1803 from Scotland.
  • Also John McLeod (1751-1823) settled in the area, 1803, from Scotland.

Mount Loggie

  • North of Tuadook Lake.
  • Named for Thomas George Loggie (1854-1931) New Brunswick Surveyor General.

Mount Murdoch

  • In Historians Range, east of South Branch Nepisiguit River.
  • Named by W.F. Ganong 1903 for Beamish Murdoch (circa1800-1876), author of “History of Nova Scotia”, 1867.


  • 3 miles south-east of Chatham. Post office from 1880s to 1960s.
  • First settlers were largely of Scottish extraction, coming to the community before 1830, many from Dumfrieshire.
  • Named for the river of the same name which runs through the community on its way to Napan Bay and then Miramichi Bay.


  • Shire town of Northumberland County. Post office from 1823.
  • Incorporated 1899; Amalgamated in 1995 to form part of City of Miramichi.
  • Named for Thomas Pelham Holmes, Duke of Newcastle.
  • Local politics dominated by Scottish merchants and shipbuilders in early years.
  • Scottish mason William Murray built several local landmarks.

Nicholson Brook

  • Flows northeast into Renous River.
  • Named for Norman R. Nicholson, a land grantee, son of Robert Nicholson Sr, tanner and currier; b. Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Northesk Parish

  • Established 1814.
  • Settled 1785, spreading as far as Tomogonops River in 1819.
  • Probably named for William Carnegie, 7th Earl of Northesk (1758-1831), then prominent in the British Navy, admiral in 1821.

Preston Beach

  • Adjacent to Miramichi Bay at Escuminac.
  • Named for William Preston, settler in 1810 from Scotland, who was ship-wrecked on Fox Island.
  • Also called Guimond Beach.