Black River Bridge

  • 10 miles east of Chatham. Post Office from 1860.
  • Settled in 1790 by immigrants from Scotland.


  • South-west of Newcastle.
  • Post office from 1842. Incorporated 1966.
  • Named for the Parish in which it is located, which was named for William Black, born in Aberdeen, Scotland, colonial administrator of NB in 1829-31 during the absence of Lt. Gov. Douglas.
  • Formerly known as The Forks.


  • 1 mile west of Blackville.
  • Tract of 10,000 acres laid out in 1856, 10 miles west of Blackville, but never settled.
  • Granted under the Free Grants Act 1879 as Breadalbane East and Breadalbane West.

Chaplin Island Road

  • 7 miles northwest of Newcastle. Post Office Chaplin Road 1910-1950.
  • Chaplin Island is in Northwest Miramichi River in direct line with the road.
  • Laid out as Davidson Settlement, possibly named for William Davidson (1740-1790), prominent Miramichi settler in 1765.


  • Named for William Pitt, Earl of Chatham; formerly known as Spruce Tree.
  • Post office from 1835.
  • Incorporated 1896; amalgamated in 1995 to form part of City of Miramichi.
  • St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery on St. Andrew’s Street is the resting place for many early settlers.
  • Home of W.S. Loggie business empire.


  • South-west of Newcastle; half way between Newcastle and Fredericton.
  • Post Office from 1854. Village incorporated 1966.
  • Named for Robert Doak (?-1857), Scottish settler circa 1812 from Ochiltree, Ayrshire.
  • His home is open to the public for tours during the summer months.


  • 3 miles southwest of Chatham. Post Office circa 1885-1950.
  • Named for Archibald Douglass, land grantee.


  • 4 miles northeast of Newcastle. Post Office from 1835. Village incorporated 1966.
  • Named by Allan Gilmour and John Rankin circa 1825 for Sir Howard Douglas (1776-1861) Lieut. Gov. of New Brunswick 1823-1832.
  • Probably named just before the Great Fire, October 1825, when Douglas was in Newcastle to lay a stone for the Presbyterian church.
  • Formerly named Gretna Green, which many continued to use long after 1825.

Elmtree Brook

  • Flows southeast into Southwest Miramichi River.
  • Named for the estate of William Davidson, established in 1783.


  • 23 miles northeast of Chatham. Post Office Savoy circa 1897-1958.
  • Fair Isle in Scotland is located between the Shetland and Orkney Islands.