Under the current structure, the six (6) Executive Officers of the Association are the: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording & Membership Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

In order to widen representation, the Province of New Brunswick has been subdivided into seven (7) regions. Each region is represented by a director, duly elected at the AGM. The current Board of Directors includes the Executive Officers plus one director each from Bathurst, Restigouche, Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton, Saint John and Perth-Andover/Woodstock.

At present, there are several standing committees, each of which report to the President. In certain instances, members of the Executive and certain Directors also serve as committee chairs. These are appointed at the discretion of the President.

Executive Officers, 2018-2019

President:Mel Fitton
1st Vice President:Ian Hamilton
Treasurer:Della Shepherd
Corresponding Secretary:James Walde
Recording Secretary:Lee Swanson
Past-President:Llewellyn Smith

Committees and Roles, 2018-2019

Communications:James Walde
  – NB Scottish Journal:Chris Robbins
  – Graphics and Design:Eric Horncastle
  – Website:Benjamin Ray
Constitution and By-Laws:Llewellyn Smith
Fundraising Committee
  – Haggis Café and Scottish Bake Shop:Mel Fitton and Chris Robbins
Membership Committee:James Walde
NB Scottish History Project:Chris Robbins
Nominating Committee:Mel Fitton
Privacy Officers:Mel Fitton and Della Shepherd

Regional Directors, 2018-2019

Bathurst Region:Isabel McLaggan
Fredericton Region:Fredericton Society of St. Andrew
Miramichi Region:Plen Dickson
Moncton Region:Greater Moncton Scottish Association
Restigouche Region:Robert MacLeod
Saint John Region:Saint Andrews Society of Saint John
Upper Saint John River:Suzanne Young