• 23 miles northeast of Chatham. Post Office Savoy circa 1897-1958.
  • Fair Isle in Scotland is located between the Shetland and Orkney Islands.

Gillice Brook

  • Flows north into Little Sevogle River.
  • Named for Donald Gillice, settler in 1812.

Glenelg Parish

  • Established in 1814.
  • Named by Maj. McDonald, settler circa 1790, for a place in Scotland.


  • 21 miles east of Chatham.
  • Post Office 1915-1958, Robert Gregan, first postmaster.

Hutchison Brook

  • Flows south into Miramichi River at Douglastown.
  • Named for Richard Hutchison (1812-1891), immigrant from Scotland to Miramichi in 1826.
  • In 1844 he was a co-owner of Gilmour, Rankin and Company.


  • 11 miles north of Chatham on Bartibog River.
  • Post Office Bartibogue 1853-1854; Post Office Bartibog 1857-1959.
  • Named for the river of the same name which runs through the settlement on its way to the Miramichi River.
  • Settled by immigrants from Scotland in 1812 and from Ireland in 1822.
  • Among the earliest settlers was Alexander MacDonald, disbanded soldier of the Revolutionary War, who prospered as a leading member of the community and whose stone farmhouse is open to the public for tours during the summer months.