Lochs Brook

  • Flows south into Maces Bay.
  • Possibly named for an early resident called Lochlan or for the Passamaquoddy Maliseet word lox for ‘devil’ or ‘panther’.
  • In Passamaquoddy Maliseet Manessadik, ‘clam-gathering place’.

McCulloughs Pond

  • West of Kerr Lake and north of St. Andrews.
  • Settled by McCulloughs circa 1839.

McDougall Falls

  • On Magaguadavic River.
  • Named for Samuel McDougall (or McDougald) Loyalist settler at Second Falls circa 1785.

McDougall Lake

  • East of Magaguadavic River.
  • Named for Samuel McDougall (or McDougald), settler at Second Falls circa 1785 and lumberman in the area.
  • McDougall Inlet flows into McDougall Lake.

McDougall Outlet

  • Flows west into Magaguadavic River from McDougall Lake.
  • In Maliseet, Abugwapska, possibly meaning ‘parallel rocky stream’.

Minister’s Island

  • 2 miles north of St. Andrews.
  • Named for Samuel Andrews (circa 1736-1818), a St. Andrews minister who lived on the island after 1791.
  • Formerly called Chamcook Island.
  • Commonly called Van Horne’s Island for Sir William Cornelius Van Horne (1843-1915) first president of Canadian Pacific 1888-1899.
  • Named Covenhoven by Sir William Van Horne, after 1890, for his father’s middle name.

Mowat Island

  • In Passamaquoddy Bay.
  • Named for David and John Mowat who were granted the island and built a store there.
  • Formerly named Norard’s Island.

Saint Andrews

  • Shire town of Charlotte County 1786.
  • Post Office from circa 1829. Town incorporated 1903.
  • A tradition is that a French priest called St-André celebrated mass there or a priest landed there on the day of St. Andrew.
  • Formerly called Connosquamcook from the Passamaquoddy Maliseet, ‘end of gravelly bar place’.

Scotch Ridge

  • 8 miles northwest of St. Stephen. Post Office circa 1885-1921.
  • Settled 1804 by Reay Fencibles from Sutherland, Scotland.
  • Formerly called Chiputneticook Ridge.

Watty Brook

  • Flows west into McDougall Inlet.
  • Named for Watty MacFarlane, a lumberman.