Craig Lake

  • East of Rollingdam.
  • Named for William Craig, a land grantee there.

Curry Cove

  • At Campobello Island.
  • Named for John Curry, settler 1770.

Dunbar Hill

  • On Campobello Island.
  • Named for John Dunbar, settler in 1785, who was executed for his wife’s murder.


  • 17 miles north of St. Andrews.
  • Possibly named for Greenock Church in St. Andrews, financed by Christopher Scott, a native of Greenock, Scotland.

Hanna Dow Hill

  • On Deer Island.
  • Named for a woman who perished in a snow storm in the early days of the settlement.

Katys Cove

  • At St. Andrews.
  • Named for Katy McIntosh who lived near it.
  • In Passamaquoddy Maliseet Metahasinkik, ‘duck trap’.

Kilmarnock Head

  • 3 miles north of St. Andrews.
  • Probably named for Kilmarnock, Scotland, by James Boyd, pre-Loyalist settler.

Beans Island

  • In Passamaquoddy Bay.
  • Named for John Bean who, with John and David Mowat, was granted the island in 1806.
  • In Passamaquoddy Maliseet, Muskoositkik, ‘Indian bean place’, possibly a transliteration of John Bean’s name.


  • Community 2 miles west of St. George. Settled circa 1822.
  • Named for a place in Perthshire, Scotland.
  • From Scottish Gaelic Bràghad Albainn, ‘the upper part of Alba’.
  • ‘Alba’ is the Gaelic name for Scotland.


  • 1 mile southwest of St. George.
  • Settled in 1822 by immigrants from Caithness, northern tip of mainland Scotland.
  • From Old Norse, Katanes.