Katys Cove

  • At St. Andrews.
  • Named for Katy McIntosh who lived near it.
  • In Passamaquoddy Maliseet Metahasinkik, ‘duck trap’.

Kilmarnock Head

  • 3 miles north of St. Andrews.
  • Probably named for Kilmarnock, Scotland, by James Boyd, pre-Loyalist settler.

Beans Island

  • In Passamaquoddy Bay.
  • Named for John Bean who, with John and David Mowat, was granted the island in 1806.
  • In Passamaquoddy Maliseet, Muskoositkik, ‘Indian bean place’, possibly a transliteration of John Bean’s name.


  • Community 2 miles west of St. George. Settled circa 1822.
  • Named for a place in Perthshire, Scotland.
  • From Scottish Gaelic Bràghad Albainn, ‘the upper part of Alba’.
  • ‘Alba’ is the Gaelic name for Scotland.


  • 1 mile southwest of St. George.
  • Settled in 1822 by immigrants from Caithness, northern tip of mainland Scotland.
  • From Old Norse, Katanes.

Calders Head

  • Extends into Passamaquoddy Bay.
  • Named for Walter G. Calder of Fairhaven, Deer Island, in the early 1800s.

Campobello Island

  • Named by William Owen, its grantee, 1770: “I named the Island Campobello, the latter partly complimentary and punning on the name of the governor of the Province, Lord William Campbell, and partly as applicable to the nature of the soil and fine appearance of the island…”
  • In Passamaquoddy-Maliseet Abahquit, ‘Lying parallel with the land’.

Colonel Brook

  • Flows southwest into Trout Lake, northeast of St. George.
  • Named for Hugh McKay (1751-1848) of St. George, lumberman, member of New Brunswick House of Assembly for 30 years and last full colonel in New Brunswick after 1793.

Craig Lake

  • East of Rollingdam.
  • Named for William Craig, a land grantee there.

Curry Cove

  • At Campobello Island.
  • Named for John Curry, settler 1770.