• A group of Scottish settlers bound for Stanley could not find land there, so instead settled Harvey.
  • Established in 1837 by Andrew Inches of Scotland and named after Sir John Harvey, Lieut. Gov. of NB 1837-1841.

42nd Highland Memorial Cemetery

  • Established in 1784.
  • 42nd Highland (Black Watch) Regiment was a United Empire Loyalist regiment granted land on the Nashwaak River after service in the Revolutionary War.
  • This section of the Nashwaak Valley, named Pleasant Valley by the ‘Forty Seconders’, was settled between 1784-1787.
  • In 1967, the Black Watch [RHR] of Canada erected a commemorative cairn.


  • 8 miles east of Canterbury.
  • Post Office circa 1885-1959.
  • Named for Adam Allan who settled there circa 1845.