Tay River

  • Flows southeast into Nashwaak River.
  • Named by Jacobina Drummond Campbell, wife of Dugald Campbell, for River Tay in Scotland.

Lake George

  • 19 miles southwest of Fredericton.
  • Post Office circa 1885-1914.
  • Formerly named Scotch Settlement, named by George McGeorge.
  • Includes Donnelly Settlement named for John and Patrick Donnelly, land grantees there.


  • 15 miles north of Fredericton at the mouth of the Tay River.
  • Dugald Campbell, a land grantee there, called his estate Taymouth.
  • Post Office Nashwaak 1848-1898; Post Office Middle Nashwaak 1898-1904; Post Office Taymouth from 1904.

McAllister Cove

  • Adjacent to Spednic Lake.
  • Japhet and William McAllister had land grants there.

Tweedie Lake

  • In Dumfries Parish.
  • Named for a Scottish shoemaker on the Saint John River in the 1800s who fished there.

McBean Brook

  • Flows east into Nashwaak River, 1 mile south of Taymouth.
  • Probably named for Angus McBean, Loyalist of 42nd (Black Watch) Regiment.
  • John and Richard McBean also had grants there.
  • In Maliseet Babkwelgwadekbegwesiniak.


  • 16 miles east of McAdam. Post Office 1860-1914.
  • Named by settlers from Scotland.
  • Formerly called Ensor Settlement where Charles Ensor had a grant in 1834, which he abandoned before 1841.

McCallum Brook

  • Flows southwest into Youngs Brook, east of Nashwaak Bridge.
  • Named for a disbanded soldier of the 42nd (Black Watch) Regiment.
  • See also Youngs Brook.

Youngs Brook

  • Flows west into Nashwaak River at Nashwaak Bridge.
  • Named for a member of the disbanded 42nd (Black Watch) Regiment.
  • Formerly called Udenack, McCallum Brook and Upper McBeans Brook.

McIntosh Brook

  • Flows north into Saint John River, west of Fredericton.
  • Named for James, John and Elizabeth McIntosh who had a mill there in the 1800s.