Lorne Parish

  • Established 1871.
  • Named for John Douglas Campbell, Marquess of Lorne (1845-1914), Governor General of Canada 1878-1883, married to Princess Louise during the year that the parish was established.

Ogilvie Lakes

  • West of Trousers Lake.
  • Named for Alexander and David Ogilvy who guided in the area of Trousers Lake circa 1900.

Perth Parish

  • Established 1833.
  • Probably named for Perth, Scotland, where Sir Archibald Campbell (1769-1843), Lieut. Governor of New Brunswick (1831-1837) was born.


  • The region was settled by Loyalist soldiers who received land in lieu of payment.
  • Perth, located on the east bank of the river, was named in honour of Perth, Scotland.
  • Later called Perth Centre, then Perth Junction when railroad came, now Perth.

River Dee

  • Flows northwest from Trousers Lake to Right Hand Branch Tobique River.
  • Probably named by H.M.G. Garden 1836 for River Dee, in Aberdeen, Scotland.

River Don

  • Flows northwest from Long Lake to Right Hand Branch Tobique River, at its junction with the River Dee.
  • Named by H.M.G. Garden 1836 for River Don, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Upper Kintore

  • 6 miles east of Perth-Andover. Post Office circa 1885-1925.
  • In 1873, more than 700 people from northeast Scotland settled in Bon Accord, Kintore, and Kincardine.

Bon Accord

  • Beginning in 1873, more than 700 people from northeast of Scotland settled here and in Kintore and Kincardine.


  • 3 miles northeast of Grand Falls.
  • Probably named for Sir John Caldwell who had a lumber mill at Grand Falls and built a house there in 1830.

Caldwell Brook

  • Post Office 1917-1947 at Hillside, 7 miles northeast of Perth-Andover.