Drummond Parish

  • Established in 1872.
  • Possibly named for Sir Gordon Drummond (1771-1854), administrator of Canada 1815-1816, or for Drummond Castle, 18 miles from Perth, Scotland, where various Baron Drummonds were known as Lord Perth.

Gillespie Settlement

  • 5 miles south of Grand Falls.
  • Among the first settlers were Edward, William and Francis Gillespie.


  • 7 miles southeast of Perth-Andover.
  • Post Office circa 1885-1931.
  • Named for Kincardine, Scotland. Planned in 1872 to embrace Kintore and Stonehaven, but when Post Office opened in the latter and was given the name Kincardine, Stonehaven was no longer used.
  • Also known as Scotch Colony.


  • 7 miles south of Perth-Andover.
  • Post Office circa 1885-1926, Henry Baird, first postmaster.
  • John Baird (1795-1858) settled in Kent Parish 1823-1825, moved to Fredericton until 1845, when he settled in the area of Perth-Andover.