• 16 miles northeast of Bathurst. Post Office circa 1889-1950.
  • Probably named for Stonehaven, Scotland.

Campbells River

  • Flows northeast into Miscou Harbour.
  • Named for John Campbell, grantee of land from Scotland, who was drowned crossing to Shippegan.


  • 14 miles east of Bathurst. Post Office circa 1885-1933.
  • Named for Canonbie in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Carron Point

  • Northeast of Bathurst Harbour.
  • Origin unknown; possibly named for Loch Carron in Scotland or for a French family.
  • Spelled ‘Carron Point’ for the point, but ‘Caron Point’ for the community.


  • 6 miles northwest of Bathurst.
  • Post Office circa 1889-1921.
  • Settled circa 1841 by Scottish.

Ferguson Point

  • Extends into Bathurst Harbour.
  • Named for Francis Ferguson, settler circa 1843.
  • Formerly called Pointe aux Pères, named for the chapel of Fathers André Richard and Jacques Ratel 1646.
  • Later known as Allan’s Point, named for William Allan, who had a 2000-acre grant there.

Ferguson Point

  • Peninsula 2 miles south of Tracadie.
  • Named for William Ferguson, Loyalist from Pennsylvania circa 1786.
  • Extremity of peninsula, formerly named Pointe du Bar, now Pointe à William.

Gordon Meadow Brook

  • Flows north into Nepisiguit River.
  • Named for John Gordon, grantee of land in 1818.
  • In Mi’kmaq Owokun, ‘portage’.

Grants Brook

  • Flows east into Chaleur Bay, at Beresford.
  • John Grant was a land grantee.

Hendry Brook

  • Flows northeast into Chaleur Bay at Belledune.
  • Named for Robert Hendry from Ayrshire, Scotland 1833; his son built the first mills.
  • Also known as Chalmers Brook, named for John Chalmers, first inn owner beside it.