• Post Office from 1831. Shire town of Restigouche County 1837. Town incorporated 1905.
  • Probably named by Sir Howard Douglas in 1826 for James Andrew Brown Ramsay, 10th Earl and 1st Marquis of Dalhousie (1812-1860), Gov. Gen. of Canada, 1819-1828, who visited there when the place was named.
  • In Mi’kmaq Sigadomkuk, possibly ‘place of bright stones and many shells’.


  • First established in 1879 as Dawsonvale under Free Grants Act.
  • Robert, Ralph and John Dawson (first postmaster) were granted land there.


  • 6 miles southwest of Dalhousie.
  • Post Office 1862-1957. Also Post Office Shannonvale circa 1885-1956.
  • Settled by Scottish circa 1830.

Ferguson Point

  • Extends into Restigouche River at Atholville.
  • Named for Robert Ferguson (?1768-1851) who established Athol House there in 1796.

Glen Levit

  • 9 miles southwest of Campbellton. Post Office Glenlivet circa 1889-1967.
  • Named by John Wright for Glenlevit in Scotland.


  • 7 miles southwest of Campbellton.
  • Post Office circa 1889-1970.
  • Probably named for Glen Coe in Scotland.

Heron Island

  • Named after the flocks of heron there.
  • Settled by people from the Isle of Arran in 1826, the first European settlers in the area.

Inch Arran Point

  • At Dalhousie.
  • Probably named by John Hamilton, settler from Arran, Scotland, 1831.
  • A frigate built during World War II was named Inch Arran for the point.

Jerry Ferguson Brook

  • Flows northeast into Southeast Upsalquitch River.
  • Probably named for a lumberman.
  • In Mi’kmaq Mecnousak, ‘good place to pitch a tent’.

Balmoral Parish

  • Established 1876. Tract of 6880 acres of land laid out in 1856.
  • Named for residence of the British sovereign in Scotland acquired by Prince Albert in 1847.