MacDonalds Point

  • 7 miles southeast of Gagetown.
  • Post Office McDonald’s Point 1861-1915.
  • Named for Alexander, David and John MacDonald, land grantees there.
  • Alexander MacDonald was a Loyalist settler 1783 at Saint John.

McDonald Corner

  • 8 miles east of Gagetown.
  • Post Office McDonald’s Corner 1860-1916, Lewis McDonald, first postmaster.
  • Alexander Black MacDonald was a settler 1818; two of his brothers, Lewis and John, also settled there.

Mount Douglas

  • At Welsford.
  • Named in 1826 for Sir Howard Douglas, when the road from Saint John to Fredericton was built.


  • 13 miles south of Minto. Post Office Scotch Town 1860-1923.
  • First settled by Loyalists.
  • Settled circa 1800 by immigrants from Scotland.

Douglas Harbour

  • On west side of Grand Lake.
  • Probably named for Sir Howard Douglas. In Maliseet Skumcook, possibly meaning ‘sand bay’.

Hunters Ferry Cove

  • In Maquapit Lake.
  • Named for James Hunter (1763-1843) immigrant from Glasgow, to Boston 1793, to Saint John 1794, to Maquapit Lake 1797.