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"In the thistle's shadow, violets grow stronger."


Dear New or Prospective Member:

There are six (6) different membership levels in the NBSCA, each tailored to suit your personal requirements or situation. Participation in the business of the NBSCA is purely voluntary. Membership, however, has one material advantage: you will receive a copy of the "New Brunswick Scottish Journal" four times per year, at no additional charge.

Why become a member? Read more here.

By becoming a member of the NBSCA, you are ensuring that the NBSCA can continue its work to advance Scottish culture and heritage in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick residency is not a prerequisite for membership (excluding Club Memberships). The NBSCA is happy to offer Regular, Family and Life Memberships to non-residents and if purchased as a gift, we will be happy to make the recipient aware of your kindness. The recipient, of course, will receive the "New Brunswick Scottish Journal," and be able to read about the challenges, successes and achievements of New Brunswick's Scottish community.

Membership in the NBSCA is open to all individuals, organizations and companies who support the objectives of the Association. All members over the age of 18 (with the exception of Sustaining Members) are entitled to vote on Association business and to hold office. All dues listed are given in Canadian funds. For additional information, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Apply & pay online using the links below, or apply by mail using this Application Form.

Type Definition Fee Application
Individual Any person who actively supports the objectives of the NBSCA is entitled to membership. The majority of Association members are Individual Members $22/year Apply Online
Family Any two adults with or without children (under the age of 18) residing in the same household. $38/year Apply Online
Group Any recognized Scottish-cultural or themed society or organization operating within the Province of New Brunswick agreeing to recognize and abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the NBSCA may become a Member Club, and their representative will have the rights and benefits of a Regular Member. $35/year Apply Online
Life Life Members are no longer required to pay annual dues during his/her lifetime following payment of this one-time fee. They have the full rights and benefits of an Individual Member during his/her lifetime. A life membership is non-transferrable and cannot be used in conjunction with another membership level. $250 Apply Online
Sustaining Any group, organization or company may become a Sustaining Member. Sustaining entities have no voice in the governance of the NBSCA. $500 Apply Online
Member Club Any recognized Scottish-cultural or Scottish-themed society or organization that operates within the Province of New Brunswick, and that also agrees to recognize and abide by the Constituion and By-Laws of the NBSCA, may become a "Member Club." The one assigned representative/agent of the said organization will have the rights and benefits of a Regular Member. $35/year Apply Online